single-boards.com is enthusiast blog about low-cost, hacker-friendly single board computers (SBC). Blog is focused mainly on hardware of single board computers and will try to work with some less common topics. Main goal is to cover as wide range of different SBCs as possible, in order to to help reader to choose the best SBC for his project. So it should not be just another Raspberry Pi blog.

3D models of single-board computers are in scale and are intended to be as accurate as possible. Special emphasis is placed on the accuracy of the mounting holes, so the models can also be used as a basis for CAD designs.

By the way english is not my native language so sorry for any grammatical errors :) If you find some gruesome mistakes, I will be grateful if you mail me and point it out. Thanks…



Freelance hardware/software developer. Mostly programming in C++ and Java. Big fan of open source technologies and Richard Stallman and kind of hater of big, closed, user fooling corporations (I’m looking at you Microsoft). I like old bikes, Atmel microcontrollers and pineapple pizza.

mail: robotista(at)email.cz